God Temple introduction

Nanhai God Temple is the national-level cultural relic protection unit, as well as the national four A-level scenic spot. The temple was located at Miaotou in Huangpu District of Guangzhou, is a place where the emperors offered sacrifices to God of Sea.

Boluo Birthday

The temple fair of Nanhai God Temple will be held from annual lunar February 11 to 13, therein, lunar February 13 is the actual day of Boluo Birthday, also called Boluo Birthday, namely, Nanhai God birthday, there are hundreds of thousands of visitors and this event has been gradually ...

Cultural Relics

  • Sunbath Pavilion

  • Rite Pavilion

  • Front Gate

  • The Door of Etiquette

  • Main Hall of the Temple

  • Zhaoling Hall

  • Imperial steles

  • Tang Stele


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